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Need Ideas for Sprucing Up Your Family Room?

Whether it be a change of season, a new trend, or just plain boredom, restyling areas of my home is a favorite past time. Currently, I love the idea of adding natural outdoor elements indoors. Actually, that’s not true at all- I have ALWAYS loved the idea of bringing the outdoors inside a home. (However, the line was drawn with bringing the outdoors inside after having a Christmas tree infested with thousands of praying mantises that hatched all over my home. Artificial trees for eternity!) While I tend to gravitate toward very clean, bright, and light design, I love balancing it out with natural wood, greenery, and accessories made of natural materials and/or natural fibers (think rattan, jute, and wool). By the way, did you know indoor plants are suspected of having oodles of benefits to personal health? If you weren’t sold before, hopefully you are now.
I decided to begin a series of vision boards to help you gain ideas or at least get your mind thinking about what your personal style is. Don’t lose yourself by scouring through photos on Pinterest and trying to replicate them! Your home should be a reflection of you, and it should be a place of refuge at the end of a long day. Your personal style may be a mixture of many, and that’s perfectly fine. I know mine is! Try to take elements of each style and make them work together. If you are having a difficult time pulling them together because they are so different, yet they still make you happy...well, who cares- it is YOUR home after all. Mix it up!!
I hope you find the first of my vision boards helpful. It's no surprise after reading this blog that I chose to do natural elements and earthy tones vision board. I’m still learning how to hyperlink, and it really is not cute. Several tears were shed after spending hours hyperlinking and then exporting the document only to have white lines everywhere. So, an old-fashioned document with links to the items it is!! Happy Sprucing!

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