Lisa C.

We worked with Emily to sell our townhome, and during the purchase of our new home, and I can't say enough good things about our experience! Emily takes several steps during the staging process of selling a home that set her apart from any Realtor® I know. 1. Working with the best people. Emily not only uses a stager to consult on the best way to market a home, but Emily also attended the consult, set up appointments with her preferred contractors to move forward on the recommendations quickly and affordably. She followed that up by personally staging our home using her curated staging pieces, then hired a fantastic real estate photographer to showcase the work. 2. Knowledge and attention to detail. Emily took the time to walk us through every comp and detail when deciding the list price of our house to enable us to make an informed decision. She was never pushy, but always gave us great advice backed with plenty of data-and she was spot on! With every offer (and we had 4!) every document and every negotiation she walked us through every detail and step, making sure we understood everything and was a calming, positive presence through the entire process. 3. Work Ethics and professionalism. Though we were only on the market for one weekend, Emily committed to hosting an open house every weekend we were living and followed up with every attendee. It was clear from her interactions with both Realtors® on the other side of the table that she is well-liked and respected in the industry, and with good reason! She never missed a step or a detail in the entire process, either buying or selling. When we encountered hiccups on our closing date on the home she helped us purchase, (all out of her control) she worked diligently to make sure every last one was resolved, communicating every step up the way. The end result of this experience was selling our townhome in 9 days with 4 offers in what was probably the smoothest real estate transaction in history, and helping us purchase our dream home with every detail handled and resolved impeccably. There is absolutely no question that if we were to buy or sell again, we would work with Emily. It was the best decision we could have made!


Ross is simply, hands down the best agent we’ve ever had. We worked closely with Ross over several years as the type of home we wanted and the location evolved. Whether it was new construction on a pristine stretch of land or a 40-year old existing suburban home, Ross patiently worked with us. He answered our questions, and when he didn’t know something, he actively and promptly sought out the answers. We had a couple of purchases fall through because of something coming up, forcing us to back out. He was always completely supportive of our decision. Kind, and never pushy. But he’s not a push-over. He establishes good rapport with the seller’s agents and with that, is able to get good, fair deals. And he goes the extra mile - going to the County to get copies of permits, finding out information online and passing it along to us, talking with neighbors and contractors, etc. His open, friendly and inquisitive nature makes him a natural at this. And combined with his strong background in construction in the home building industry, he knows what to look for and what questions to ask. So after several years, with Ross’ help, we finally found our dream home, and we couldn’t be happier. We very highly recommend Ross for any home sale or purchase.

Buyer & Seller

I've worked with Mr. Wilhelm twice in the past three years. He initially helped us purchase our new house and then helped us sell our townhouse a year later. We built our new house and Ross was very knowledgeable with assisting us in purchasing a lot, which had a lot of complexities that we were not familiar with, such as perc testing results, assessing for potential issues for constructions, etc. The entire process went very smoothly, and we were fortunate to be successful in our purchase, given the level of competition in the market. I credit Ross's professionalism and responsiveness for our success. When we went to sell our townhouse, Ross used his substantial connections to help us make timely repairs to the property to prepare it for sale. We immediately had offers before the house even went on the market in 2019, and he advised us to a successful close. Overall, we highly recommend his services for buying or selling a home. His communication skills and responsiveness are top-notch! A+.

Sean S.

What can't we say about Alicia? She is like family. From the moment she meets you, she intently listens to your likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. That first home you step into with her builds a database that she uses to help find you the perfect home. Alicia is selfless, putting your needs before her own and going above and beyond to ensure you get the home that you love for the best deal possible. She knows how to balance her negotiating efforts while still being the fighter on your side of the ring. You will ultimately win out with her on your side. After other Realtors® had dropped the ball, she showed up ready to work. Alicia did such an amazing job that we have decided to use her as our family Realtor® for as long as she decides to remain in the practice. Thank you for all that you have done for us! You're the best big sister we could have asked for!


Ross was wonderful to work with! He has a ton of experience in this market and it shows! My wife and I reached out to him in October 2019 for a new house. Ross understood our needs almost immediately and was able to find the right house for us in less than two months. During our house search, he made sure to hold our hands through the entire process and helped with everything from search, inspection, negotiation, and move-in. And we got the house at $20,000 less than the asking price! Ross was also instrumental in renting our previous place. He listed our townhouse for rent in December, and took care of everything including staging, pictures, tenant selection, lease negotiation, and got us a tenant at a price higher than what we asked for in less than a month!

Danielle R.

We are so very thankful that we chose Emily to be our Realtor®. She went above and beyond to help us get our house ready to sell and had an impeccable taste that I am sure helped us as we sold our house for above asking in just one weekend. She was always so accommodating and responsive while helping us with the sale and reassuring us through the stressful process of buying a short sale. Her expertise created value as we sold and equity when we bought our new home. She was incredibly thoughtful of our wants and addressed all of our concerns every step of the way. I would not hesitate to work with her again or recommend her to my closest friends and family (in fact I already have!). Thank you so much, Emily - a true professional!

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